Mystery Shopping solution

Mystery Shopping

Where companies do not have call recordings, or where clients wish to find out how competitors or role model companies handle customer calls, Mercury can utilise its expertise in telephone and email mystery shopping to provide useful insights and comparisons for our clients.

Mystery shopping can also be extended to support contact centre training. For example, when new products or services are released, Mercury Customer Management can arrange for specific mystery shop scenarios to be carried out that test how much information the team has absorbed during their training sessions. In the case of the National Fraud Authority, Mercury helped conduct a variety of call scenarios to test that both the agents and systems were working correctly.

Benchmarking League

Mercury re-launched our Customer Experience Benchmark reports in 2013. They provide participating companies with two impartial reports each year, based on a sample of mystery shopping calls. Performance is compared against 20 other companies in their industry. For many companies, understanding their position in relation to their competitors is critically important, but often time consuming, difficult and costly to achieve. Mercury has developed the Customer Experience Benchmarking reports to provide a lower cost alternative for companies who simply cannot justify participation in more expensive mystery shop and quality assessment options. If you’re interested in finding out how your contact centre is doing, give us a call or click here to find out more.

Outbound Team Mystery Shopping – Unique in the UK

Back in 2012, Mercury was asked by a client “How can we be more pro-active in making sure our outsourced outbound sales centres are doing the best they can for us and working in a compliant way?” The challenge here was to create a solution that was completely impartial, as it is often the outsourcers’ responsibility to provide feedback on quality through the supply of sample calls and quality reports. In many cases, the quality measurement of an outbound sales team is based largely or solely on the number of customer complaints generated. Outsource management teams will sometimes try to seed their own mobile or landline numbers into the outbound data file, but this is fairly ineffective, a very low volume sample size and not impartial.

Mercury developed a unique solution that allows our clients to seed Mercury owned std. telephone numbers from all over the UK into their telesales or outbound call data. The sales calls to these numbers all terminate at Mercury's offices, where our staff handle these calls, playing the role of a genuine customer and provide quality feedback on the calls to our clients. In addition to a quality review of the centres performance, we are also able to identify compliance issues, such as silent calls, which can lead to hefty Ofcom fines. Mercury can also report on the time to respond to leads, which can be a critical measure for sales centres working in competitive markets. To find out how our Outbound Mystery Shopping solutions can work for you, please give us a call.