Quality Monitoring contact centre solution

External Quality Monitoring

The only way to really know what is going on in your contact centres is to monitor interactions between your staff and customers or prospects on a daily basis.

Whilst most companies acknowledge the importance of listening to calls, checking emails and monitoring chat sessions, this is specialised and highly time consuming work.

Team Leaders have traditionally performed this function, alongside the myriad of other critical tasks they have to perform every day, but they are unlikely to be always suitably skilled or impartial in their scoring.

Some companies have acknowledged these issues and consequently have set up dedicated quality teams, which are usually located alongside the contact centre. These teams are expensive and rarely demonstrate high levels of productivity, owing to the distractions of a contact centre environment and sometimes conflicting duties.

Companies can now outsource a large proportion of their interaction measurement to Mercury Customer Management. We can deliver assessments and reports at much lower cost than dedicated internal quality teams, freeing up Team Leaders to spend more time with their teams and deliver more objective results and recommendations.

Where companies do not have call recordings, or where clients wish to find out how competitors or role model companies handle customer calls, Mercury can utilise its expertise in telephone and email mystery shopping to provide useful insights and comparisons for our clients.

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