Our Solutions


Over the years, Mercury Customer Management has identified many issues common to the contact centre market. From running our own in-house teams, working closely with our clients and keeping at the forefront of industry developments, we have created a variety of solutions to tackle all sorts of contact centre issues in all types of industries or companies.

The experience of our team and our Principal Consultant, David Payne, gives us an advantage in understanding these issues and enables us to provide useful recommendations for your business. David has worked in the contact centre industry since its arrival in the UK and is regularly asked to be a judge for the European Contact Centre and Customer Service awards. An industry thought leader, he is often invited to speak at industry events and frequently conducts the Contact Centre Health-checks (P6 Audits) for our clients.

Mercury Customer Management recognises that many companies need quality solutions that show good return on investment in order to justify the budget. Mercury has therefore endeavoured to provide low cost prices for our products and services. From our short 2 day Contact Centre Health-checks (P6 Audits), to our Industry Benchmarking league for sales centres in the UK, which is run at a fraction of the cost of some other popular benchmarking initiatives, Mercury is always looking to put the needs of our clients and their customers first.