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Our Stories

Over the years, Mercury has worked with hundreds of companies within a wide cross-section of industries. These clients have presented us with a diverse range of challenges, which we have enjoyed responding to. Here are some of our recent customer stories.

Two Top 5 Utility Companies

Mercury launched the UK’s first service to allow the mystery shopping of outsourced outbound telemarketing teams in 2013. We now work with two of the top 5 utility companies in the UK, mystery shopping their outbound sales teams. This is achieved by seeding the outbound call data files with a range of over 250 standard local telephone numbers from all over the UK, all of which terminate at Mercury's contact centre. We answer the calls as they arrive, playing the part of a consumer from that area of the country. This enables us to measure the quality of the sales calls received and, at the same time, check the calls are being made in an OFCOM compliant way. Our constructive feedback helps keep sales performance high and gives our clients compliance peace of mind. 

Institute of Credit Management

Mercury worked for the Institute of Credit Management for a number of months, calling members whose memberships had recently lapsed. We had two key objectives: firstly to renew the membership, and secondly to do so at a cost per member renewed that was less than the cost of the telemarketing activity.

"Mercury generated at least as much revenue in overdue fees from our lapsing members as they charged for their calls. I get my members back for another year or more at no incremental cost."

- CEO, The Institute of Credit Management

Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

Mercury has been working with the IAM for a couple of years now, making renewal calls to lapsed members and converting membership enquiries to active membership subscriptions. Originally set up quickly, owing to unforseen circumstances, this project has been highly successful.

"Mercury is doing an outstanding job. The team has completely immersed themselves in our business and understands our members as well as we do. They are achieving and exceeding challenging targets and providing invaluable feedback.We are absolutely delighted with their commitment and performance."

- Head of Membership, IAM