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Customer Insight and Experience Specialists

Mercury delivers valuable customer insights through the assessment of customer contact via all contact centre channels, allowing us to deliver step change improvement in sales, service and customer experience.

Sometimes there is no substitute for experience and our team has over thirty years’ experience in the operational management of contact centres and in customer experience management. That means that the advice and support we provide is both pragmatic and practical, delivering measurable improvements in the shortest possible timeframe. Our core services include impartial quality and customer experience measurement, benchmarking, telemarketing (including membership retention and acquisition), performance enhancement, contact centre training and consultancy support.

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Common Issues

Contact Centres face many of the same issues and challenges, yet many Contact Centre Managers work in isolation as the only in-house expert in their organisation. Are you facing a common contact centre issue?

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Learning from your mistakes can be expensive and damaging, so why not learn from Mercury’s extensive experience instead? To view details of our services click below.

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