Common Issues

Common Issues

There are many issues that challenge Contact Centre Managers' and Directors' peace of mind. Take a look at the list below and see if you can hear yourself or a colleague saying some of these things. If you find some of them resonating, Mercury can help.

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“He’s not off sick again?!”

If you are losing patience with the poor sickness record of your team, this is not a good sign. High levels of sickness can be indicative of many different serious issues, including low staff engagement, low morale, poor line management, lack of direction, poor internal communication and other such issues. You need to get to the root cause or causes of your absence issue. Once you know the root causes, you can set about fixing the problem.

Mercury can help investigate these root causes – read more

“Why are they late again?”

Lateness is a little less severe issue than sickness or absence, as at least the member of staff is coming to work. However in an inbound contact centre environment, regular lateness will cause lost calls or longer answer times for customers and will frustrate other team members who’ve made the effort to be in on time. Management should take prompt action when lateness occurs, as otherwise it will get worse and can be catching!

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“Why do my people leave, just as they become really effective?”

It takes time, money and resources to recruit and train new members of staff. Often they do not become truly effective for three or four months. It is therefore very frustrating when staff quit, shortly after reaching this stage of their development. Don’t just shrug your shoulders and say to yourself “well, contact centres always have high turnover.” If you are losing staff in anything less than two to three years, something is wrong in your centre.

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“Why can’t my team make more sales?”

Sales performance is critical to any company’s success, but for many organisations a highly effective and motivated telephone sales team remains an elusive goal. Mercury can help customers identify barriers and inhibitors to sales effectiveness, which can then be tackled to release the true potential of your sales team.

How does Mercury achieve this? – read more

“If only we didn’t have so many customer complaints!”

Customer complaints are valuable, as they tell you what you are doing wrong as an organisation. Have you got an effective complaint analysis and business improvement programme in place to learn from complaints, or just a process for handling them efficiently?

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“How can I get my customers to recommend us?”

Customer recommendation in today’s competitive and difficult markets is vital to an organisation’s success. Customers who are happy to ‘champion’ your brand often spend more, stay longer and can help expand your market by telling their friends, family and colleagues. While it is possible to score how likely you customers are to recommend you, what really matters is how you motivate your team to convert unhappy or indifferent customers to loyal advocates of your brand.

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“How can I get my team to enjoy coming to work?”

Providing a great experience for your customers is a passion not a process. If you are seeing slumped shoulders and hearing flat voices and moans from within your Contact Centre team, you have to wonder what customers are hearing too. Identifying what is making your team unhappy is an important first step in the process; whether this is a lack of direction, a feeling of being under-valued, a poor working environment or a people issue – knowing what really matters to your team and making it happen for them can make a huge difference to their performance.

Mercury can help you re-invigorate your team – read more

“Why do we have so many abandoned calls?”

This can be down to a variety of issues including; planning, resourcing, technology, excessive AHT, poor call control, lengthy and complicated IVR messaging, or even people issues.

Fix your abandonment rate issues – read more

“Repeat calls are playing havoc with our service levels!”

Repeat calls and emails can be a nightmare for contact centre management. They can be a sign of poor call or email handling by your team, who have failed to correctly explore the needs of their customers. In the end this leads to unhappy customers, more calls and emails, escalating costs and a lack of job satisfaction for the contact centre team.

Mercury can help measure and improve your first call resolution – read more

“Why do poor calls or emails still get high quality scores?”

If you find yourself wondering this, then your quality measurement process is not working well. Great calls should be evidenced by great scores, whereas mediocre calls should be similarly reflected in the quality scoring. If your agents have learned to “tick the right boxes” on a call, without any real improvement in customer experience, it’s time to overhaul your quality strategy.

Mercury can help you redesign your quality process - read more

“Why do our customers keep leaving us?”

Good question! Mercury can help you find the answer. Research tells us that two-thirds of your customers leave you as a result of “perceived indifference” - they simply don’t believe that you value their business. Are you doing everything you can to make your customers feel valued?

Mercury can help you save customers – read more

“Our cost per contact is too high!”

Productivity matters in contact centres, as well as quality and customer experience. If your cost per contact is too high, it is likely that you have wasteful processes in your operation. What proportion of your team’s day is spent actually talking to customers or in the available state on the ACD? If a good proportion of their day is spent on other tasks, this would suggest you have issues with productivity or processes.

Mercury can help investigate and drive down your costs – read more

“I haven’t got the resources or the expertise to get these calls done!”

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“Our Outsourcer is rubbish!”

Outsourcing contact centre activities successfully is not a “fire and forget” option. Outsourcers have their own objectives and business drivers, which are not always aligned with those of their clients. Mercury have worked in and alongside many of the larger and smaller outsourcers in the UK market for years and can help you to get the most out of your business partner relationships.

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“Why is my issue not on this list?!”

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