About Mercury Customer Management.

About Us

Mercury Customer Management is a business consultancy with over 30 years of experience working in the contact centre market across a wide range of industries. We understand the role of the contact centre in maximising the value of the relationship between your company and your customers. Over the years, we have developed our products and services to help our clients understand this relationship and deliver greater value from their customers.

Mercury Customer Management was formed in 2010 after our team had already been working together for many years. We have developed a range of contact centre services, designed to help support the contact centre at all levels and stages of development. From setting up new centres, to conducting health-check audits, providing monitoring services and benchmark reporting, we support and assist the customer interaction teams within your business. Essentially, we help make your contact centres work more effectively for your customers and your business.

We aim to stay at the forefront of developments in the industry and believe that at the heart of every great contact centre is a team of great people. For this reason, we focus our products and services around supporting and improving the people in our clients’ contact centres. To find out more, check out our solutions page as well as some of our client stories.